About us


The Beauty Bungalow Story 

Lindsey and Angela, two small town hairstylists from Southern Ohio, are proud to introduce a collection of professional hair products for everyone!  The dream began in 2000, when they were first introduced to each other. They knew immediately that they were soul sisters, kindred spirits, and had to work together in the beauty industry.  Fifteen years later, never losing sight of that dream, knowing that one day the pieces would fall into place, it became reality.  Lindsey finally had the chance to own her own salon, which became Beauty Bungalow. Angela joined the team as the new salon opened it's doors, and in turn began the development of the new product line. After two long years of formulations, testing, and refining the products, they are very proud to introduce you to BEAUTY BUNGALOW - PRIVATE COLLECTION. 

Psalm 92:12

All of our products are proudly made in the USA and Cruelty Free!